All items with this mark (**) ARE NOW AVAILABLE AS AN OPEN STOCK. *Minimum order of 6pcs.(2pcs. per style)

mobile Wholesale boys tuxedos and baptism suits

wholesale tuxedo k-229 wholesale boys tuxedo k-e2146 wholesale boys tuxedo

**K-021E gold only

Baptism tuxedo

**K-229 gold only

Baptism tuxedo


Boys tuxedo with vest


Tuxedo w/color embroidery


Boys jacquard tuxedo

wholesale boys tuxedo k-e229 k-011st k-1151 wholesale boys tuxedo


Boys tuxedo with angel

**K-E229 (only gold)

Baptism tuxedo w/angel


Boys tuxedo w/ stole


Tuxedo w/ color embroidery


Boys tuxedo with Virgin

k-e1146 k-e021 k-e225 k-010 black k-008 black


Tuxedo w/color embroidery


Tuxedo with virgin


Tuxedo with angel

** K-010

available in white and black


Boys tuxedo with tail